A Jump Square magazine scan that has been making the rounds indicates that a new Rurouni Kenshin anime is being made. No details were given as to whether this new production is a show, OVA, or movie.

Streets of Rage Remake
Bomberlink's tribute to the Streets of Rage trilogy features the best elements from each game as well as a few extras, including the missing motorcycle stage from Streets of Rage 3.

Here is the poster for what is said to be the largest SNK tournament in Japan. This year's lineup includes Garou: Mark of the Wolves, Last Blade 2, and The King of Fighters '98.

Studio Ghibli fighting game
It would be difficult to maintain a cohesive story, but fans would probably be willing to let it slide if given the opportunity to see these characters interact with each other.

Cave Story - Quote and Rouge
Pixel touches on past efforts to bring Cave Story to a console, his development process, why he chose to focus on pixel art, the status of his RPG, current projects, future plans, and much more!

Aksys decided to express its love for its fans with some Valentine's Day cards featuring Litchi Faye-Ling, Heart Aino, and Alice.

Aksys Games saw that there is still an audience for the series in the US and decided to capitalize by releasing Arcana Heart 3 on the PlayStation Network this Spring.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Lili and Asuka_thumb
This Tekken Tag Tournament 2 artwork, first seen at the end of the debut trailer, features Lili Rochefort and Asuka Kazama.

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