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Aksys is set to release Arcana Heart 3 in North America this Spring

Those who imported AQ Interactive's port for Arcana Heart 2 were none too pleased with the lag, slowdown, graphical anomalies, and sound glitches that plagued the PS2 port. We were lucky to get the first Arcana Heart thanks to Atlus, but the sad condition of the second game all but ended any chance for the sequel to get a stateside release. Thankfully, Aksys Games saw that there is still an audience for the series in the US and decided to capitalize by releasing Arcana Heart 3 on the PlayStation Store this Spring.

This time around, Examu was smart enough to hand off porting duties for the third game in the series to Arc System Works, a developer that clearly knows how to handle 2D fighters and one of the few companies that can deliver when it comes to online play. Being able to play against others is absolutely necessary for fighting games, and having a good online component is especially important for one with such a niche audience. With this release, not only will fans get a great port of the latest game in the series, but they'll also be able to actually play against others without having to travel great distances to do so.

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