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Bombergames’ Streets of Rage Remake is finished

Streets of Rage Remake was conceived in 2003 after programmer Eduard Luna Bolaño realized that there was little chance that Sega would make another Streets of Rage. While it started out as a private project, Eduard, who also goes by the name Bomberlink, was eventually able to gain the support of over twenty coders, artists, and musicians as a result of growing interest in the game.

This unofficial remake is essentially his tribute to the Genesis trilogy, bringing together the best of each game while incorporating new features. Remake gets its looks from Streets of Rage 2 but plays more like Streets of Rage 3, with playable characters featuring all of their moves from both. In addition, Eduard made it a point to bring back some of the missing characters from the original, including the often missed Adam. New assets had to be created specifically for the character since his animations and playstyle clashed with those found in the sequels. Of note is the inclusion of the unused motorcycle stage from Streets of Rage 3, which was previously only accessible with an Action Replay. The censoring found in Streets of Rage 3 has also been restored from the Japanese version (Bare Knuckle 3).

The installation package comes with SorMaker, a game creator which allows players to develop their own version of Streets of Rage using a drag and drop system.

Bombergames contacted SEGA's legal department about using its copyrighted material back in 2007. Streets of Rage Remake is available for the PC for free, with several ports as well as a downloadable version of the remixed soundtrack in the works.

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Streets of Rage Remake title screen