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Learn how to play Arcana Heart 3 with this manga primer

This tutorial provides an entertaining overview of many of the features found in Arcana Heart 3's combat system, with examples that actually show how to use them. Some of what it covers include homing, a rushdown-friendly system unique to the AH series, speed homing, the "ultimate close-range fighting technique," and teching, the ability to recover from knockdowns. A few of the panels are genuinely funny, so it is worth reading even if you are not a fan of the series.

The primer was translated a few months ago by Curbeh over at In addition to hosting the primer, Mizuumi also has a very detailed Arcana Heart 3 wiki which contains a lot of information from the Japanese wiki. It is one of the best resources to bookmark for those who plan on getting serious about the game.

reminder: manga is read from right to left

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