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Supercell’s World Is Mine feat. Hatsune Miku is now available on Amazon and iTunes

Though songs created using Vocaloid software and Hatsune Miku's voice have already been making the rounds on iTunes since 2009, most would agree that while there were many good tracks to choose from, they tended to be some of her more lesser-known songs. That changed this week after Sony Music Direct (Japan) brought The World Is Mine by J-pop group supercell to both iTunes and Amazon.

Hatsune Miku made her official debut in the US last week as the spokeswoman for the 2011 Toyota Corolla. The ads, which were the result of a collaboration between Toyota and Vocaloid developer Crypton Future Media, featured the virtual diva driving a Corolla to a concert and ends with her singing The World Is Mine to a sold-out crowd.

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