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Disgaea 4
Nippon Ichi Software's Masahiro Yamamoto discusses Disgaea's transition to HD and the reason behind the series' cast changes.

Nippon Ichi Software president Souhei Niikawa discusses his company's future plans, ponders the prospect of finally giving Asagi her own game, and talks about what inspired NIS to develop two of its newest franchises, Z.H.P. and Cladun.

Angel's Present: Marle's Story (excerpt)
Harusato Akenaga tells us about his company's relationship with Gust and Idea Factory, explains why the Hayarigami series was never brought over, and reveals where he stands with Ar tonelico III.

Pleinair wallpaper (excerpt)
"Pleinair is a recurring character in the Disgaea series. She was designed by Harada Takehito, the man responsible for designing characters in Disgaea and other Nippon Ichi games, and is considered to be his mascot."