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Tree of Knowledge
Composers Ken Snyder and Steven Velema created the album in order to show western audiences the genre's "catchy and sophisticated style."

The company will have limited quantities of the all-ages version of KiraKira as well as Higurashi's question arcs at its booth later this week.

iPLAYWINNER's primer covers the series' origins, American scene, and basic gameplay mechanics and also includes lots of useful links. It was written by gamers who are fairly knowledgeable about the series, so give it a look if you've ever wanted to learn more about Melty Blood.

Squishy Tank
Atelier Judie receives its own remake, Yawaraka Tank gets squished into a puzzler, and Monochrome offers relationship-building on the go.

Horo (excerpt)
The Canaan-inspiring 428: Fuusa Sareta Shibuya de gets ported to the PSP. We also have another merchant/romance Spice and Wolf release on the DS as well as the Tales of Vesperia PS3 port.